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What to Pack for Your Private Jet Flight

Few things in life compare to the way you feel when you take a private flight. You don’t need to deal with kids screaming and running down the aisle or another passenger who keeps getting in your personal space. Private jets are smaller and quieter but still get you to your destination quickly. Before you plan your trip, you might wonder what you should pack. These flights give you more room to spread out than commercial flights do and let you relax in the lap of luxury. Find out what things you should bring from home as you create your private jet packing list.


You may want to look your best when you step on the plane, but don’t forget to stay comfortable. The best clothes for flights have a loose fit and won’t get in your way. You may want to bring some clothes you can change into later on the flight, especially on a long journey. Slippers or a pair of sandals are another great addition. If you travel to a city where the climate is different, consider bringing a change of clothes in your bag. You can easily change before the jet lands.

Sleep Mask

Anyone who ever flew before knows that the lights on planes are quite bright. A sleep mask helps you get the sleep that you need. It doesn’t take up much room in your bag, either. Look for one made of silk or another material that won’t rub uncomfortably against your face. Make sure you choose one that fits your head and face. Some masks are smaller and allow light to slip through around the edges. The mask should block out the surrounding light.

E-Reader and Charger

Millions of people fly on more than three million private flights every year. Smart travelers know that they can beat boredom on their flights with an e-reader. Take some time to download new books to it before you jet off. Many models even let you download magazines for those times when you want something light and fluffy. Bringing a charger ensures that you don’t run out of power in the middle of your flight. If you don’t want to invest in an e-reader, look for an app that turns your cell phone into one. You can adjust the text size and screen brightness to make your phone look like an e-reader.

Travel Pillow and Blanket

Whether you travel with a group of coworkers or some of your loved ones, bring both a travel pillow and blanket. While neck pillows are quite popular, some travelers don’t like the pressure the pillows put on their necks. Some of the newer pillows have a convertible design that allows you to use them in different ways. With a travel blanket, you can get comfy and cope with the cabin temperature. You never know when the flight might feel too cold or when another passenger asks the flight attendant to crank up the AC.


In case you have booked a shared private jet to Vegas and plan to spend much of your time chatting with other passengers, pack a pair of headphones. You don’t need to deal with passengers who want to talk about politics or other uncomfortable topics. Some of the other travelers may play loud music or watch movies at a loud volume, too. With noise-canceling headphones, you get the peace and quiet that you need. Headphones are also compatible with most e-readers and cell phones. They let you listen to audiobooks or watch movies and TV shows without disrupting any of the other passengers.

Get Ready for Your Private Flights

There are many benefits to taking a private or charter jet. These planes have a high safety rating and come with attendants who care about your comfort and well-being. Many flights include free drinks and snacks or full meals. They often cost less than you might expect, too. No matter why you book a private flight, plan what to pack ahead of time. The essentials that you need include headphones, a travel pillow and blanket, a sleep mask, and either a cell phone or e-reader equipped with movies and TV shows along with books to occupy your time.

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