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What to Expect on a Typical Dhow Cruise in Dubai

Have you ever been on a dhow cruise in Dubai? If not, you’re missing out! Dhow cruises are one of the most popular tourist activities in Dubai and for good reason. Here’s what you can expect on a typical dhow cruise in Dubai.

You’ll start your cruise by boarding a traditional Arabian dhow boat. Once onboard, you’ll be treated to stunning views of Dubai’s skyline as you sail down the creek. You’ll also get to enjoy traditional Arabic music and cuisine while on your cruise.

A dhow cruise in Dubai is a must-do activity while in the city:

For tourists looking for a unique and exhilarating experience in Dubai, a dhow cruise is an activity that should not be overlooked. It’s no secret that the city glistens at night, making it even more beautiful when seen from the Persian Gulf. Not only is the view spectacular, but you can also sit back and relax as you enjoy tasty Arabian food and live entertainment to add an extra bit of excitement to the atmosphere.

With soothing sea breezes blowing past you, there’s nothing like taking in the sights while on this type of cruise. From truly appreciating incomparable panoramas to being entranced by an array of modern architectural landmarks, a dhow cruise offers both beauty and luxury; definitely something worth experiencing during your stay in Dubai.

You’ll board a traditional wooden vessel for an evening of dinner and dancing:

Spend an evening on the romantic waters of Dubai with a traditional wooden vessel dhow cruise. Enjoy a delicious buffet dinner while admiring the dazzling views of the city’s magnificent skyline, then dance the night away to some of your favorite tunes. On board, you’ll find a hospitable staff dedicated to providing an unforgettable evening of fun and entertainment.

Perfect for couples or groups looking to celebrate in style, a dhow cruise in Dubai is an exquisite experience that utilizes traditional sailing vessels for modern-day pleasure. Come see why so many make this evening their go-to event.

The views of the skyline are breathtaking, especially as the sun sets:

If you’ve been searching for an unforgettable way to experience the beauty of Dubai, then a dhow cruise is perfect for you. Set apart from the ordinary experiences of the city, this sunset sightseeing tour showcases all of the incredible natural and human-made landmarks in the cityscape.

From iconic architecture to exquisite beaches and back dropped by sapphire skies and dazzling waters, take in all the unparalleled views that are sure to stay with you forever.

And while on board, be sure to indulge in a delectable dinner or coffee as you absorb what has been described as one of the most beautiful sunsets imaginable. Trust us when we say; there’s no decision more worth making than popping on board a dhow cruise in Dubai – especially as the sun sets.

Delicious Arabic food is served onboard, and you can try your hand at shisha smoking:

Enjoy the unique experience of a dhow cruise in Dubai with delicious Arabic food and a chance to try your hand at shisha smoking. Whether you want to explore the charms of the historical creek or take a romantic journey on the sea, a dhow cruise provides an unforgettable experience like no other.

Soak up the stunning views, exhilarate your senses with exotic aromas, delight in delectable culinary delights, and learn to enjoy a refreshing shisha smoking session while sailing down the legendary creek. Explore Dubai’s incomparable attractions through a thoughtfully designed Arabian journey onboard that offers incredible memories to cherish forever.

There’s plenty of opportunity to take photos and mingle with other guests:

From the traditional wooden vessel to the open sea, you will feel like you have stepped into another world full of sights, sounds and smells. Passengers aboard your dhow can marvel at amazing views of the magnificent skyline while taking photos of iconic landmarks along the way.

The best part about it is that you get to mingle with other passengers, often from the same country or even around the world, creating new relationships and cultural experiences on your journey. Whether enjoying a delicious dinner cruise with friends or having a romantic evening on board with someone special, a dhow cruise promises a memorable time for all.

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Experience the culture and hospitality of Dubai:

Enjoying a luxurious dhow cruise is an ideal way to explore the historical, cultural and architectural wonders of Dubai! An ancient trading vessel originating from Arabian shores, Dhows are now exclusively used for leisurely sightseeing rides on Dubai’s serene seas. No other experience can match the myriad of festivities that come with a dhow cruise.

Take in breathtaking sights over dinner as you sail below iconic landmarks like Burj Al Arab, Palm Jumeirah and Atlantis Hotel. Have singular insights into renowned modes of Arab hospitality during traditional Emirati luncheons or dinners aboard the ship.

Immerse yourself in a multi-sensory voyage through centuries-old customs and culture while relishing tantalizing international dishes along with live entertainment that is sure to leave you mesmerized.

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