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What Are Health Insurance Wellness Programmes and Their Benefits?

All You Need to Know About Health Insurance Wellness Programmes

If you are planning to purchase a super top-up health insurance plan, you might as well invest in a wellness programme over a standard one. The main advantage of purchasing a policy with a wellness programme is that it acts as a booster and enhances the overall coverage of health insurance. It guarantees you adequate coverage and additional support in the event of a medical crisis.

While standard health insurance plans are quite common, not many people are aware of the features and advantages of top-up health insurance wellness programmes. Choosing the right wellness programme can widen the scope of your insurance coverage and ensure that you do not run out of funds during a medical contingency.

Today, let us look at the advantages of investing in a top-up health insurance plan and factors to keep in mind while choosing one.

What is a health insurance wellness programme?

The onset COVID-19 pandemic reinstated the significance of having health insurance. The demand for an all-encompassed health insurance policy has gone up significantly in the past few years. This has boosted the sale of health insurance for individuals as well as family floater plans.

Insurance companies are engaging in inventive experimentation to remain competitive and gain a sizeable market share. The wellness programmes for super top-up health insurance offered by various insurance providers are the outcome of research done to give consumers the best services possible.

You receive points when you purchase a health insurance policy that includes a wellness programme in exchange for engaging in physical activities that keep you fit and healthy. Health insurance covers activities such as sprinting, running, jogging, cycling, and walking. Once you have enough points, you can redeem them against expenses such as medicine and drugs, and dental expenses that are usually not covered by standard health insurance plans.

Benefits of wellness programmes for health insurance

The benefits of investing in a wellness programme go beyond the scope of coverage of a regular insurance plan. The benefits include:

  • Better mental and physical health: Wellness programmes aim at increasing the policyholder’s overall physical and mental health. Enrolling in a wellness programme encourages you to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Through additional discounts, top-up health insurance pushes you to monitor your health more closely and frequently.
  • Economic advantages: Some super top-up health insurance companies allow customers to redeem wellness points for a reduction on their health insurance premiums, which helps them financially by enabling them to make significant financial savings. Because the redemption offers and requirements may vary from provider to provider, it is imperative to read the fine print at the time of policy purchase.
  • Second opinion in medicine: For some illnesses or scheduled surgeries, several health insurance policies offer financial support for seeking expert advice or a second medical opinion. However, if you choose to employ the second medical opinion, you must notify the insurer.
  • Protects savings: While dealing with an unexpected illness can be emotionally taxing and stressful, managing a medical ailment also has a financial cost. You can better manage your medical expenses by purchasing a good health insurance policy and avoid spending out of your pocket in time of need. Many insurance companies allow you to avail of the cashless hospitalisation facility, under which all your hospital bills are settled by the insurer with the hospital directly. In addition, it also helps you with tax benefits, thus helping your savings grow.
  • Easy claims settlement procedure: Buy health insurance from a credible and reputed insurance company with a high claim settlement ratio (CSR) so that the chances of your claims getting approved are higher. For most well-known insurance providers, the claim settlement process is fairly simple. Reach out to the third-party administrator at the hospital, fill out the claims form either offline or online, and submit it along with relevant documents such as medical records, the investigation report, and active prescriptions (if any). The rest will be taken care of by the insurance provider. Remember, according to most insurance contracts, the insurers are not responsible for any mistakes or omissions caused by e-opinions.
  • Interesting renewal discounts: You are encouraged to keep a close eye on your lifestyle to make the most of the wellness benefits programme and boost your savings. Furthermore, there is no additional cost to the insurance provider for these wellness benefits. Additionally, when you top-up health insurance, then you do not need to sign up separately for the wellness programme plan. Instead, you will be enrolled the day you or any of your family members are covered under the individual or family health insurance, respectively.
  • Points for rewards to encourage a healthy lifestyle: You can use these points to get discounts on various medical exams and tests at all diagnostic facilities and network hospitals. Additionally, you may use the points to get a discounted membership at several wellness facilities such as yoga studios, gyms etc.

Why pick a wellness programme for health insurance?

Super top-up health insurance wellness plans offer synergistic benefits, allowing you to save money while also maintaining your health. In India, about 25% of all deaths each year are caused by non-communicable lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular conditions.

By enrolling in a wellness programme, you are encouraged to prioritise adopting healthy habits and lifestyle so that you save money and improve your general health at the same time.


All we need to live a healthy lifestyle is regular exercise, a stress-free routine, and a healthy work-life balance. This is precisely what a health insurance wellness programme allows you to achieve. With the correct strategy and programme, you can bag financial benefits and live a healthier life. When looking for a health insurance policy and fitness programme, research extensively, compare plans, and choose the top-up health insurance that meets your needs and budget.

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