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Types Of Traffic Offenses

Violation of traffic rules can result in traffic offenses that bring a set of consequences with them based on the severity of the act. It can have seemingly small results, like overpriced traffic tickets being issued to severe effects like the suspension of your license. 

It is always good to be aware of such things as a driver, whether you own a motorcycle, a car, or a truck. If you have been issued a traffic ticket for such an offense, you could opt for a free case consultation to understand your rights, the consequences of the act, and your legal procedures, in case it is considered a criminal offense. The major types of traffic offenses have been described below. 

  • Traffic infractions 

Also termed civil infractions, minor traffic violations are called traffic infractions. It is not considered a crime, but instead, an omission of law that is usually prohibited. This includes speeding, failing to stop at a signal, not wearing a seatbelt or helmet, not yielding to pedestrian cross marks, illegal parking, etc. The driver is held strictly liable with even simple evidence in these cases. This can be further categorized as:  

  1. Moving violations: This constitutes any illegal act committed when the vehicle is moving and ends up with serious after-effects. It includes minor omissions like speeding and failing to stop at a signal to using electronic devices while driving that would cause harm to anyone on the road. Usually, these violations are of greater risk and thus have more serious tickets issued than the other category. 
  2. Non-moving violation: Traffic violations done while the vehicle is at a halt is considered a non-moving violation. Examples of these include illegal parking, defective equipment in vehicles, etc. These do not have profound effects but point at the driver as high-risk.  
  • Traffic misdemeanors 

The more serious traffic violations are not considered severe crimes but can significantly affect individuals on the road. Some examples of traffic misdemeanors are driving at high speed, reckless driving, driving under the influence, repeated violations, etc. Such offenses usually result in expensive fines. At times, it could also push a person to courts, wherein a trial is carried out, though not very lengthy. 

  • Traffic felonies 

The most serious form of traffic violation wherein the people or property involved sustain significant damage is classified under traffic felonies. They are considered criminal offenses that could cause strict and lengthy legal procedures. Hit-and-run cases, using a vehicle to commit a felony, fleeing from the police, etc., are some examples of traffic felonies. On being proven that the person has committed a felony with utmost surety, the driver can be charged with penalties, license suspension, jailing for more than a year, etc. 

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