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Tinashe Hair: 5×5 Curly Closure Wig Review

Hello ladies! Tinashe’s hair is on my head. Tinashe and I were previously working on identical wigs. However, nothing comes close; for example, I have no idea how long a 5×5 wigs is. It is 32 inches or a hair. A lot of hair, that. The fact that this 5×5 wig is not lace front is its most attractive feature. But first, allow me to describe this wig in more depth.

What Is A 5×5 Closure Wig? 

I was hoping you could indicate the location of the lace’s end on this 5×5 lace wig—the sheet sways in all directions. The chapel was there, moving from temple to temple and Carl to Carl. As a result, your character will reverse, which is fantastic. You are aware of my affinity for long hair. The wig, as you can see, has a significant crack. For her, I did some hair.

Wig Grip Gift 

Tinashe presented a wig clip. Oh, that suits my tiny head just fine. All right, let’s put on our wigs. Put on a wig. My hair is very long. The hair’s ends will no longer be our main concern. Our goal is to win this market niche.

Swiss Lace Base 

The lace is Swiss. Act as though you have already finished preparing the center. On this wig, I bleached the knots. Just a little amount of spreading will do. It doesn’t require any more returns. But you know, I prefer making wise decisions. This 5×5 front wig is a perfect match for my head. In my thoughts, it’s enormous. (5×5 wigs)

Pluck The 5×5 Curly Closure Wig 

We’ll discuss it again later. I enjoy yanking my own hair out when I pinch. We’ll get the tweezers we’ll use to draw it back since it appears much more natural. Because this is our route, we must exercise caution.

I combed my hair in a circular motion. Okay, we’ll be tearing our hair out. The hair was then brushed back. I’m thrilled that we are so far away as usual. We should proceed to style our hair.

Make The Hairline Of The 5×5 Lace Closure Wig. 

It will stay in my hair. I’d want to work for the department. We can even begin construction on it. I’ll then take your child’s comb. I’ll also add some flattery soup. I’d end up with it in my hair.

Blow Try The Hairline 

I’ll use this dryer to dry it. It could take a few minutes, say 10-15 minutes, to dry the hairline. We may paint the lace once it has dried. Please allow it to dry.

Tinting The Lace 

I’ll fetch the ribbon for you. This completes the process using lace paint spray. If you are unfamiliar with my favorite lace dye in the entire universe. This whole thing is a Kellan Derrick Lace Coloring Spray illusion. I purchased it; I was not sponsored.

Cut the lace

Pull it now since we have to cut the lace. When cutting lace, I like to use my tiny Annie’s scissors. You need to exercise caution. A 5×5 closed route is frequently already closed. I’ll make cuts as I go. (5×5 wigs)


Beautiful 5×5 transparent lace wig. This wig won’t likely be like that. Great feeling. Standing in the street, one may infer—is ideal for the fall. At night, it will keep you warm.

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