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The Role of the Legal System in Helping Victims of Sex Trafficking

Sex trafficking is one of the most disturbing crimes that we are all aware goes on in the world. It happens in a lot of countries and is usually part of a wider organized crime problem. Women, men, and minors can be the victims, and it is a truly harrowing thing for somebody to go through. Most of us have seen movies like Taken that dramatize what happens to the victims, and many, unfortunately, die before they can be rescued and seek any form of justice.

Where the Legal System Fits in

The criminal legal system can combat the perpetrators, attempt to bring down sex trafficking rings and free the people currently being used by them. However, there is also another important role the legal system plays. Lawyers who litigate on behalf of victims play a big part in helping those who have been affected by sex trafficking, and in changing laws to help protect people in the future.

Litigation for Victims

Someone who has escaped from, and survived sex trafficking, is likely to need a lot of medical care and therapy to regain their lives after such a terrible ordeal, which may have lasted for years. A good sex trafficking lawyer will seek the maximum compensation for them from perpetrators, clients they were forced to engage with, and even businesses like clubs, hotels or websites that can be shown to have been aware that trafficking was going on and turned a blind eye.

For the families of victims who died while in the hands of sex traffickers, the role is the same – to get the most compensation possible from those who were complicit.

No amount of money can take away the trauma of having been a victim, or bring back a loved one, but it does mean that any costs are covered, and the survivors and their families have the best chance of moving on successfully.

Changing the Law

One of the most high profile legal changes related to sex trafficking was the introduction of the SESTA and FOSTA laws affecting the internet. It had long been known that the internet was used heavily in sex trafficking, and these laws aimed to crack down on this and hold sites that were complicit accountable.

As with any laws affecting the internet, it was controversial and had some side effects that the legitimate adult entertainment side of the internet had to adjust to. However, it shows how laws can be changed to help protect vulnerable people, and also to identify the perpetrators more easily.

Sex trafficking is a serious and organized crime, often with ties to other organized criminal activity like drug dealing, and it is one that destroys lives and even kills people. While the justice system seeks to catch anyone committing these crimes, it can be the lawyers who seek compensation and help for the victims and aim to make lasting changes to the relevant laws.

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