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Surfing Spots In Japan

Whether you are a surfer, or you simply enjoy the ocean, there are surf spots in Japan for you to explore. With everything else included, like the best bars and casinos, and especially restaurants offering restaurant gift cards to the most exquisite treatings in the land. These locations will make your next vacation a memorable one.


Located on the Izu Peninsula, Iritahama is one of Japan’s top beaches. The pristine, clear water, white sand, and laid-back atmosphere make Iritahama a perfect beach for surfing, snorkeling, body boarding, or simply relaxing. The beaches are also home to a number of restaurants and food stalls.A two-and-a-half-hour train ride from Tokyo, Iritahama Beach is a hidden gem. The town is also home to several surf spots.The town is located near the southern tip of the Izu peninsula and is surrounded by gorgeous scenery. It is also home to a number of temples and museums.


Located on the eastern side of Shuzuoka, Shirahama is one of Japan’s most popular surf spots. Shirahama Beach offers excellent waves during the summer. The beach is a great destination for families. It is also popular with surfers from Japan and abroad. The Shirahama area has a beautiful beach with white sand. It is easy to get to Shirahama by car or train. The beach is also very popular with tourists, especially during the summer.

Shirahama is one of Japan’s largest beaches. The waves can reach a chest-high. It is also an excellent destination for swimmers, surfers, and snorkelers. The beach is also perfect for sunbathing and people watching. The water is crystal clear.


Despite its vast size and relatively unknown coastline, Japan’s surfing spots are quite remarkable. In fact, Japan’s coastline has almost 7,000 islands. This means that the country has a wide variety of surf locations, from large, wave-producing sand dunes to tiny reefs. In addition, the country’s coastline receives swell from all directions, making it a true surfer’s paradise.

Surfing spots in Japan is Kamogawa, located on a curved bay in southern Chiba. This area is also the location of the Habushi beachbreak, a renowned surf spot. It also boasts a great coastline, making it a prime location for surfers looking to surf Niijima waves.

Shimane Prefecture

Besides Osaka, the northern coast of Shimane Prefecture offers some excellent surfing spots. The Komesu Coast is a great place for solitude and year-round surfing. The Iwami Coast is also very popular and offers long, white sand beaches and clear blue waters. Ikumi Surfing Beach is one of the most popular surf locations in Shikoku. It offers consistent waves and a sandy floor, making it ideal for beginners and experts alike.The area is also popular for windsurfing. It has full facilities, including toilets and water.

The Iwami Seaside Park is located in Hamada in Shimane Prefecture and is easily accessible by express bus from Hiroshima. It is also close to the San-in Kaigan Global Geopark, which is home to one of the world’s richest radium hot springs. Iwami Seaside Park features kiddie slides, an aquarium and aquatic sports.

Sendai New Port

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, Surf in Japan has many awesome surfing locations. The country’s coastline is nearly 30,000 kilometers long, and the waters are pristine and mild. You can find epic breaks and incredible waves in all seasons.

The Komesu Coast is an amazing surfing location that is suitable for all skill levels. You’ll find many breaks along the shoreline, including the famous “Suicide” break. The Komesu Coast is also great for beginners and is a great place to practice your surfing skills. It’s also a great spot to visit if you’re looking for solitude.


Located in the Japanese tropics, Okinawa surf spots are surrounded by a unique coral reef. This makes Okinawa surf a popular choice for surfing enthusiasts. But it’s not for everyone. Its waves can be fickle, and you have to be careful when dropping in. If you’re not confident, it’s a good idea to hire a guide. But if you want to try surfing on your own, you should follow these tips.


If you are looking for a great winter surf spot, check out Sunabe Surf Point. The best waves in winter are in the chest-height range. This break is different than Komesu Coast. The latter is better for intermediate to advanced surfers.

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