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phil collins suffering health issues & no longer able to play drums

Phil Collins is a Grammy-winning artist, best known for his work as the lead singer and drummer of the popular band Genesis. As a solo artist, Collins has sold more than 100 million albums and singles worldwide, making him one of the most successful recording artists of all time. Unfortunately, Collins has recently been suffering from health issues that have prevented him from playing the drums.

Phil Collins’ Health Struggles

Phil Collins has been struggling with a variety of health issues for some time now. In 2017, Collins revealed that he was suffering from a degenerative condition called drop foot, which affects his ability to move his foot and ankle. This condition has made it difficult for Collins to play the drums, as he needs to be able to move his feet in order to play.

In addition to drop foot, Collins has also been dealing with hearing loss. Collins has said that he has been dealing with hearing loss since the late ’90s, and that it has gotten progressively worse over time. This hearing loss has made it difficult for Collins to hear the music he is playing, making it even harder to play the drums.

Unable to Play Drums Anymore

Unfortunately, due to his health issues, Collins has been unable to play the drums for some time now. Collins has said that he can still play the drums, but that it takes a lot of effort and concentration. He has also said that he can only play for short periods of time before he has to stop.

Collins has said that he has been looking into other ways to make music, such as using a drum machine or playing the keyboard. He has also been exploring other musical instruments, such as the ukulele. Despite his health issues, Collins is still committed to making music and sharing it with his fans.

Though Phil Collins’ health issues have made it difficult for him to play the drums, he is still determined to make music. Collins is exploring other instruments and ways to make music, and hopes to continue to share his music with the world.

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