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knowledgeable about breasts Even if you have breast augmentation The following statements are both right and wrong. Let’s try to check your knowledge about breasts a little.

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Some women have 4 breasts?

That’s right, because the creation of the breast during the embryo in the mother’s womb. The breast is a mammary ridge or mammary line. but running in a curve from the armpit, through the chest, all the way to the groin As the baby grows, the common milk streak disappears. The only thing left is that the milk spots occur on both breasts. which will grow into breast

In some people, the milk lines do not disappear. There may be four breasts For example, having two more armpits, some people may have 6 to 8, it’s possible. but usually a small breast Maybe no nipples Or maybe there are only nipples without breasts. For example, some people have nipples on both legs, one on each side.

milk provoke ideas

– Some women are able to have an orgasm. From touching or stimulating the breast?

That’s right, it was found that 1% of women were able to have an orgasm. without having other sexual intercourse

– Male breasts can secrete milk ?

That’s right, with a man’s breast there are mammary glands. But this symptom is considered abnormal and needs to be seen by a doctor. Keep in mind that breast cancer is not unique to women; 1 percent of breast cancers are found in men.

– People with small breasts are at less risk of cancer than those with large breasts ?

Wrong. People with small breasts. Means that the amount of meat and fat is less than those with large breasts. Breast size is not related to breast cancer.

– Wearing a bra or tight bra may cause breast cancer Because it makes the lymphatic flow inconvenient?

Wrong. Wearing a tight bra. Not associated with breast cancer risk

– A good bra is good for your health?

That’s right, a bra that is properly selected, fits well, is not tight, is not stuffy, comfortable to wear, and also has a bra for breast augmentation, not allergic to fabrics or components that make a bra. It doesn’t make you a fungus, no allergic rash, no back pain, no neck pain, no headache and no bad personality. because he had to pick and pick and scratch, always moving the breast

– Stimulation, intense touch from husband Risk of breast cancer?

Wrong. Even strong tactile stimulation or shock can cause trauma. until the fat in the breast can die (Fat necrosis), but the fat necrosis does not turn into cancer But it may cause the doctor to misdiagnose it as cancer. from a special mammogram (mammogram)

– Does drinking coffee increase the incidence of breast cancer?

Wrong. Coffee does not increase the risk of breast cancer. but I believe Coffee can increase the size of cysts or cysts in the breast. make it more painful If you have a cyst and fibrosis in your breast (Fibrocystic disease), some doctors recommend refraining from coffee.

– Taking oral contraceptives increases the incidence of breast cancer ?

Wrong. Research confirms that the current low hormonal contraceptive pills. not related to breast cancer

– Breast pain before menstruation normal?

Incorrect, may or may not be normal. You should see your doctor to see if you have a lump, cyst, or another abnormality in your breast. especially in people who have never experienced pain before.

– If dark lumps of milk are breast cancer?

Wrong. Most breast lumps are not breast cancer. Usually it is a lump or cyst of milk. The chances of getting breast cancer are very low. But no matter what, you should see a doctor for a checkup. Because you can’t check and treat yourself.

– There is no way to prevent breast cancer ?

Wrong. In the past, there was no way to prevent it. Today, if the genes that are at high risk of breast cancer are detected. may choose to take preventative medicine as well as preventing other risk factors such as regular exercise Don’t let obesity, don’t drink alcohol, have regular mammograms to detect early-stage cancer. which has the opportunity to be cured, etc.

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