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Key Photo Shooting Issues That Are Major Challenges for Real Estate Photo Editing

One of the most important aspects of real estate listings is real estate photography. Because buyers may be hesitant to schedule a showing if the photos create a significant misrepresentation of the home’s quality and characteristics.

Most buyers today use the internet to familiarize themselves with what is available before contacting an agent. This is when high-quality photographs are used to make the property stand out and attract the most potential buyers. Thus, helping clients to use your photos to imagine what life will be like if they purchase your listing.

However, with the real estate market being so competitive along with the importance of real estate photos, the photographer can face a lot of pressure. Furthermore, there are so many factors that can influence a photo shoot that a real estate photographer is bound to face daily.

Even though post-processing or editing does offer significant help in transforming even the worst of images, there are still many scenarios where even real estate photo editing will fall short. 

In this post, we will discuss some major real estate photo shoot issues that can become quite a challenge for editors to work around. 

Overexposed ambient light 

Any light that you did not bring with you to the shoot is referred to as ambient light. If you’re a photographer or videographer, you’ve probably used ambient light, whether you realized it or not.

Overexposure to ambient lighting can produce images with no detail in bright areas. This complicates the editing process because the white areas contain no information and are difficult to recover. As a result, it’s critical to pay close attention to your camera settings at all times.

Strong flash 

The lack of control over the built-in flash is a common issue for photographers using compact digital cameras or pop-up flashes on DSLRs. The flash is frequently blinding and overpowering, resulting in blown-out images.

Such blown-out images present a significant challenge during post-processing, resulting in an unappealing image.

Heavy color cast 

Color cast is an undesirable color shift in the entire image caused by reflected light from a nearby object. It is usually undesirable, especially on human subjects, because it can change the appearance of their natural skin tone. A high color cast becomes tedious work in photo editing because the affected color must be restored.

Flare from the lens 

Lens flare is an effect that occurs when a strong source of light strikes the lens and scatters across the glass, causing some unsightly artifacts to appear in your images. This type of flare can also occur as a result of lens imperfections or lenses with more elements.

To avoid this phenomenon, you can either take a bracket of different exposures, or use live view and tripod mode, or cover the source of light with your hand or finger.

Excessive noise and pixelation 

Noise is an unwelcome element in any photograph that can detract from an otherwise perfect image. In photography, noise can either appear as grainy black and white spots, or as colorful dots or pixels.

You can reduce the amount of noise in your photographs by changing your camera settings and using noise-reducing software.

Summing up

It takes a lot of planning and preparation to take high-quality real estate photos, which is why you’ll have to rely on your experience to recognize what’s needed for each property you photograph.

As with the post-processing challenge, the key is to do your homework, plan, and be as prepared as possible.

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