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Japan’s Tourist eSIM Guide and Comparisons with South East Asia

Japan and all of South East Asia are the best destinations to travel to, and they offer enormous opportunities for travellers to explore some of the best places. Read this blog to learn more about Japan Tourist eSIM and comparisons with Southeast Asia.

Best eSIM Plans for Japan and South East Asia

If you are looking for the best eSIMs for Japan tourists, here are some of the eSIM plans you should check out:

  1. Japan 50 GB Plan: If you want long-term validity with a decent data plan package, then you can opt for the Japan 50GB 90 Days Plan. It offers 50 GB of data at USD 75.99 for 90 days.
  2. Worldwide 1 GB Plan: If you are here for a short stay for a week or couple or so, there’s another plan called the Worldwide 1GB, catering to all your travel needs across 121 destinations apart from Japan. The data plan starts at USD 13.99, offering 1GB of data for a validity of 7 days.
  3. Asia 14 Countries 10 GB Plan: If you are planning to travel all over Asia, including Japan, there are also amazing data plans for that. There’s one data plan package called “Asia 14 Countries 10GB”. This plan offers 10 GB with 30 days validity, starting at USD 36.99, and covering 13 destinations apart from Vietnam.  Since all eSIMs are instantly delivered and ready to use, you won’t face any trouble for activation and setup.
  4. India 5GB Plan: MobiMatter has a unique Plan called India 5GB, costing USD 17.99 with 30 days validity. This plan offers 5GB of data and works specifically in India.
  5. Dubai Plus: However, if you want a wider reach, i.e., all over Asia, then go for the Dubai Plus plan, which extends coverage to 60  countries, including their local network.

How are the eSIM Services in Japan?

Here are some points to evaluate when it comes to eSIM services in Japan:

  1. Availability: eSIM services are pretty popular and readily accessible in Japan as major mobile operators like NTT Docomo, KDDI, and SoftBank offer plans. Additionally, providers like Airalo Holafly and Nomad cater specifically to travellers.
  2. Pricing: Generally speaking, eSIM plans in Japan tend to be pricier than SIM card plans. However, there are options for travellers. For instance, the Airalo Japan eSIM plan offers 1GB of data for five days for USD 10.
  3. Coverage: The coverage provided by plans in Japan is exceptional since all major operators ensure coverage.

How are the eSIM Services in Southeast Asia?

Here are some points to evaluate when it comes to eSIM services in Southeast Asia:

  1. Availability: In Southeast Asia, the availability of services is less extensive than in Japan. Nevertheless, the region has witnessed growth in support, with most major mobile operators now offering their own eSIM plans.
  2. Pricing: The cost of plans in Southeast Asia tends to be more affordable than those in Japan. For example, the Airalo Southeast Asia eSIM plan provides 1GB of data for seven days at USD 7.
  3. Coverage: While overall coverage for services in Southeast Asia is generally good across countries and mobile operators, specific coverage may vary depending on these factors. For instance, Singapore offers wide eSIM South East Asia coverage, while the coverage in Myanmar is comparatively more limited.

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