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How to Run Successful Promotions using Text Message Broadcasting

Text message marketing is becoming more prevalent. Almost everyone has a smartphone with them most of the day. Text message broadcasting can be combined with other marketing techniques to boost your business’ sales.

One of the biggest advantages of SMS is that almost all mobile devices globally support it. This means that it offers the broadest possible reach. Today, many of the world’s top brands spend a lot of money on marketing through SMS. Over 90% of these messages are read within three minutes of being received. So before you start using an SMS broadcast platform, make sure that you’re ready to put in the necessary work to ensure that it’s successful.

How to Use SMS Broadcasting:

1. Know Your Goals

When it comes to mobile marketing, most people approach it as their initiative. This is typically the wrong direction to take. Getting the most out of mobile marketing is often impossible for businesses that approach it as a silo. So before you start implementing a new strategy, it’s important that you thoroughly review your existing goals and objectives. This will allow you to create a plan that fits your current business needs.

Your SMS campaign should have specific goals that are measurable and achievable. These goals will help ensure that the campaign is carried out in a way that fits your objectives. An important factor that a business should consider when it comes to setting up a successful SMS campaign has a clear strategy and goals. This will allow you to communicate effectively with your entire organization.

2. Gather A Team

Each person can handle only some aspects of your SMS campaign. Having a dedicated team that can help develop and implement the program will allow you to reach your goals and improve the efficiency of your organization. For example, let’s say you plan on building a mobile loyalty program that will help drive customers to your retail location.

The team should be composed of individuals from various departments within the company. These included digital creative, IT, promotions, and social media. Ensure that everyone on the team is working on the same page during the execution of your campaign.

3. Create a Clear Call-to-Action

Another common reason why mobile marketing campaigns fail is that they don’t provide a clear call to action. This means that the consumers need help understanding what they’re being asked to do. The key to a successful SMS campaign is the keyword and the shortcode. It’s also common to capitalize the short code and the keyword to make them more prominent in the call-to-action. Finally, make sure that your call-to-action is prioritized.

4. Leverage Incentives

One of the most important factors a business should consider when setting up a successful SMS campaign is having a clear strategy and goals. The consumers most likely to respond to your message are the ones most loyal to your brand. One effective way to reward your loyal customers is by offering value. This will allow them to opt-in and receive additional love.

5. Get Permission First

A permission-based channel like SMS is similar to email. It requires customers to opt-in to receive messages. There are two ways that customers can opt-in to receive messages: by texting the keyword to a short code or by filling out a web form. It should be clear that they have given their consent. For example, you need to add mobile numbers to your customer database and hope they will respond to your messages.

6. Follow Compliance Rules

Aside from having permission, your campaigns must also follow compliance rules. Various groups regulate the mobile industry, including SMS. The FCC is responsible for the TCPA, the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. As of October 16, 2013, various changes were made to the TCPA affecting organizations using SMS.

One change to the TCPA was the elimination of the prior written express consent requirement. Prior written express consent was no longer required for any purchase.

If your business isn’t using text message broadcasting to run promotions, you’re missing out on much potential revenue. Unfortunately, few other forms of marketing are as affordable, simple to implement, or successful.

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