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How to register in a bookmaker’s office?

Betting on sports in a bookmaker’s office requires mandatory registration of the user on the official site of the organization. In most cases, it is an uncomplicated, but obligatory procedure that every new customer encounters. Registering at a betting company involves filling out a template form of personal data and does not cause difficulties, taking 5-10 minutes. But there are also nuances, faced with which the bettor needs to know his rights and obligations in relation to the bookmaker’s office.

Order of registration

Consider a step-by-step instruction for Parimatch registration, which is suitable for any office and consists of three main steps:

  • Filling out a form with personal data – full name, registration address, phone number, email.
  • Choosing the currency of the game account.
  • Documents for verification of identity.
  • Confirmation of the specified data.

At each stage of registration it is necessary to pay attention to certain moments, the correct interpretation of which in the future allows to avoid problems with the support service. Let’s consider in detail how to register in a bookmaker’s office and avoid standard mistakes.

Filling in an account

It is necessary to be extremely careful to fill out a form with personal data. Knowing the dislike of many Internet users to specify real information in your account, we hasten to warn: accidental mistakes and intentional inaccuracies made when filling out the registration form, can lead to unfortunate consequences, as a result of which the new account will be deprived of the possibility to withdraw funds.

Knowing bookmakers, you should not be surprised. Yes, it is possible to deposit to an account in the office without going through a full registration. Many bookmakers specifically for this purpose provide an accelerated procedure, at the end of which you can immediately deposit money. But the withdrawal of the earned money may only be the user who has completely passed the registration process. So read over all the completed fields of the account three times before continuing the registration.

Immediately after filling out the fields with the e-mail address and cell phone number, the system of the office will ask you to confirm them with a simple action:

  • following the link in the letter sent to the specified email address;
  • Entering the activation code sent as an sms-message to the specified phone number.

For this reason, we recommend checking whether you have access to the mailbox that will be entered when registering at the office and whether the SIM card with the corresponding number is active. No less important than the correct spelling of your name, because in some cases the mail address is used as a login, and the phone number may be useful for the support service to contact you.

Choice of game account currency

If the choice of bookmaker companies travelingworldnow to create a new account is limited to legal Russian companies, there is no need to choose. There is no and will not be any alternative to the ruble. As for international bookmakers, they provide a standard set of gambling currencies, including dollars and euros. Before registering for betting, the player must decide in what currency he will bet. When registering, it will be necessary to specify which is the best settlement option. It is worth thinking carefully, because many bookmaker’s offices do not allow you to change the selected currency later.

Documents for identity verification

There is only one point that can complicate the process – the need for identity verification. Bookmakers have the right to accept bets only from persons over the age of 18 years. Therefore, to be allowed to the full version of the account, the player needs to prove that he has reached the age of majority.

For this reason, the two steps of online travellworldnow registration at a bookmaker’s office are devoted to providing and verifying personal data. Most bookmaker offices require a scan of the back of the passport with a photo to confirm, but almost all accept a driving license as well. Having scanned or photographed the necessary document, the player must attach it to his account, uploading it to the server of the betting company. The second option involves sending a file via email.

Confirmation of personal data

For security reasons, most of the studios conduct a verification procedure, i.e. confirmation of personal information specified during registration. International bookmaker companies, with few exceptions, perform the operation without the user’s participation, notifying him of the results of the verification by sending an e-mail or an sms-message.

As for the legal bookmaker’s offices, operating travelnowworld only on the territory of Russia, the client must personally appear in one of the company’s gaming clubs. Only after that the registration will be completed, the account will be activated, and the withdrawal of money will be active.

As additional data, the document verification service of the bookmaker’s office may request from the user information related to:

  • Confirmation of mailing address by means of a letter with a code sent in a paper letter by mail;
  • Confirmation of identity and address by means of a photograph of the user’s face against the background of the utility bill;
  • Additional verification of identity, which may require a second document.

All such actions are explained by the desire of the office to personally verify the age and real existence of potential clients worldnewsfact. These requirements are set out in the law, so there is no need to argue and refuse to transfer the data. In order to avoid problems when registering, you should provide the bookmaker’s office with exactly the documents they require.

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