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How to Make Your Bedroom Look Chic

Your bedroom is definitely one of the places you spend most of your time in your house. The environment of your bedroom affects your mood, mind state and even your mental health. It is important that your bedroom feels like your comfort zone; something that completely vibes with your personality. However, it is also important to make it look as aesthetically pleasing as possible. You want it to be designed in a way that it looks spacious, looks neat and is overall chic. Here’s a guide that can help you renovate your bedroom in the best way possible.

Decide a Color Palette

The first step to renovate your room is to decide the colors you want it to be in. Do you want it in contrasting, screaming colors, or in a more subtle, pastel palette? Do you want it in a monotonous black and white theme? Or do you want to go with a single color for your whole room? After deciding the general color palette, it is better to create a general idea of how much you want each of the palette colors in your room. It’ll get a lot easier if you already have a general idea of where you want which color to appear. If you are thinking of making a specific design on the wall that will be requiring different colors to be filled in, it’s even better if you have a general idea about the colors there too.

Decide a Specific Style

The next step is to decide if you want to redesign according to a specific style or not. Of course, making your own style along the way is also perfectly fine, but if you have a specific vision in mind that also fits into a specific style such as Bohemian style of Minimalist style, it is better to look up that style and research on it to get a better idea of what kind of furniture, colors, accessories you want. For example, if you are going with minimalism, you’d know that the furniture you want needs to be according to that style, you don’t want screaming colors, you want minimal accessories, etc.

Upgrade Your Furniture

The next you’d want to do is go through all the furniture you have in your room. Separate it into two categories; the ones that’ll fit in with your new style, and the ones that will need to be discarded. It is a big advantage if you can recycle your previous furniture; you’d be saving a lot of money. However, even if you can’t, you can always sell your previous furniture and trade it for newer pieces.

Add Your Accessories

The final thing left to do is finalize your accessories. Get appropriate bed sheets, cushion covers, wall hangings, painting frames, or any other thing you want to add. Make sure it matches both the style and the color theme you’re going with. For example, 108 inch curtains designs go along with both Bohemian and Minimalist styles. Following all these tips will definitely get you your dream bedroom.

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