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How to Heal Tennis Elbow Fast

If you’re wondering how to heal tennis elbow fast, there are a few things you can do. While resting can be a good strategy for minor injuries, more serious cases may require surgery or a course of physical therapy. While resting is important, anti-inflammatory methods can also help ease the pain. Typically, people will opt for an over-the-counter pain reliever like ibuprofen, which can be taken by mouth.

You can also take over-the-counter NSAIDs to ease the pain and inflammation, but you should also consider prescription-strength medications and steroid injections. Aromatherapy essential oils are another alternative treatment for tennis elbow pain, but you should dilute them with a carrier oil or water before applying them directly to the elbow. Medications with peppermint, lavender, and lemongrass are all great for relieving pain caused by tennis elbow.

Physiotherapy can help reduce swelling and pain, and many doctors recommend using the RICE method. Resting the elbow and avoiding certain movements is an excellent way to help it recover. Exercises that strengthen the forearm muscles and prevent recurrence will help restore elbow function, as well. These exercises should be performed after a doctor has ruled out a underlying condition. While resting is essential, gentle exercise is a great way to reduce pain and inflammation.

The pain associated with tennis elbow is often characterized by a tingling or burning sensation around the elbow. The pain may spread to the wrist and may be worse when the arm is bent or raised against resistance. However, resting your arm for a few days can help ease the pain and reduce the risk of permanent damage. Once you’ve completed these exercises, you should be able to resume regular activities without any further pain.

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