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How to Do a VLOOKUP With Multiple Data Sets

You’ve learned how to do a VLOOKUP with multiple data sets. But now you want to join them all. In order to do that, you need to alter the lookup array. To do this, you need to combine multiple columns into one. Then, you need to add a helper column that contains the same values as the data. Then, you can type a formula in the first cell of each combined column.

To do this, you need to use a column index to tell the VLOOKUP function where to look. Column index is the number of a column in the range of values. For example, if column A has data related to the name of a student, you can use a column index of 1. You can use an array of columns, so the index should be one-third of the total. To make this function work, you can use an index value of one.

To use the VLOOKUP function, you need to know the range of cells that you want to look up. This range can be any length. As long as the search-key is on the right side of the range, it will be able to find the data you’re looking for. In this way, you can find the same data in different spreadsheets. This will help you to compare them. And because VLOOKUP works with multiple data sets, you don’t need to manually enter data into each one.

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