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FIFA 23 – Alessandro Bastoni’s Incredible ‘FUT Centurions’ Rendition

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It’s always great to have new and improved UT players representing your squad in FIFA 23.

Following the release of ‘FUT Centurions’, you can look forward to adding another impressive defender into your ranks, offering some much-needed cover and support to strengthen your team’s back line.

Behold, an improved ‘FUT Centurions’ Player Card for Inter Milan’s phenomenal 23-year old CB, Alessandro Bastoni!

Bastoni has been a dedicated member of the Nerazzurri since 2017, arriving from another Serie A club, Atalanta.

For the past 5 years, Bastoni has grown from a relative unknown to one of Europe’s brightest stars, and his new card here only cements that, boasting profound stat increases:

(CB) Alessandro Bastoni’s ‘FUT Centurions’ Player Card: OVR 86 (+2)

  • Defending: 88 (+2)
  • Physicality: 85 (+3)
  • Pace: 80 (+7)
  • Dribbling: 78 (+7)
  • Passing: 74 (+5)
  • Shooting: 36 (+1)

Although a central defender, Bastoni’s latest card here makes him a much more composed leader at the back, keeping things steady when the team is on the defensive.

He has a Controlled AcceleRATE type that matches his demeanour, and benefits from a High Defensive Work Rate that will surely give you some piece of mind whenever he’s in the squad.

Bastoni also enjoys two (2) crucial defensive traits:

  • Team Player
  • Power Header

If you’re interested in acquiring Bastoni right now, you need to buy ‘FUT Centurions’ card packs that will be available until 13th January 2023 (Friday).

For a more direct approach, you can instantly purchase it from the Transfer Market for around:

  • PS/Xbox: 25,500 FIFA Coins
  • PC: 19,750 FIFA Coins

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