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Etoro Review US : it’s Usability and All the Prod and Cons

The user-friendly layout of eToro makes it simple for traders to find what they’re looking for. Users may easily switch between trading on their chosen version thanks to the app’s and website’s similar features and capabilities.

You may rapidly find and imitate the cryptocurrency transactions of well-known investors with the CopyTrade tool. Through the Popular Investor Program, which fosters the sharing of trading insights and information, traders can interact with other platform users. Members of the popular investor programme receive compensation based on the number of copiers they own; payouts can amount to up to 2% of the assets a trader owns on the platform.

Social news feed

The addition of a social news feed makes the experience much more dynamic and operates very similarly to a separate social media feed. Sharing trading decisions and news on external social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter is also possible.

The inability to short positions restricts Popular Investment Program trading techniques even though these features work together to create a distinctive, interactive trading experience. Since ETF and stock trading are not supported by CopyTrade, it is also only possible to trade cryptocurrencies using this feature.

The search for and execution of ETF and stock trades are made simple by eToro review US. The influence of the filters and financial instruments, however, is naturally diminished by the small number of tradeable assets. Although the level of detail given leans more toward the basic end, eToro users can instantly check an asset’s performance indicators and watch historical charts that help you visualize trends.


  • Benefits Global, established platform
  • Experience with social trading that is creative and simple
  • Encouragement of fractional shares
  • Cash management service eToro Money


  • Only 46 U.S. states currently provide eToro.
  • Comparatively few ETF and stock options
  • Restricted account types, no option trading or portfolio margining
  • Often lacking sophisticated trading features, tools, and research

Pros Presented

  • Millions of users are drawn to the well-known, international platform of eToro. Despite having fewer features than other platforms, eToro’s product offering appeals to customers from all walks of life.
  • You may immediately benefit from other investors’ experience thanks to an innovative and user-friendly social trading platform. To make sure your trading strategy is in line with company objectives, you can assess traders using user reviews and performance metrics.
  • Support for fractional shares allows investors greater flexibility to acquire more expensive investments with much less money, allowing you to maintain a larger percentage of your portfolio invested. Any amount beyond the $10 minimum deposit can be used to purchase fractional shares.
  • By allowing you to handle more of your money in one location, the cash management service offered by eToro Money gives you greater control over your finances. You may transfer the money simply, deposit and withdraw money, and store cryptocurrency.

Cons Explained

  • eToro is only accessible in 46 U.S. states, but the website has been steadily expanding its user base nationwide. Users within New York, Nevada, Hawaii, and Minnesota are not permitted to use eToro, but investors from other jurisdictions are welcome to register a virtual portfolio demo account.
  • The platform’s appeal to investors beyond the intermediate level is harmed by its relatively small assortment of equities and ETFs. Some investors may feel left out and unable to pursue their ideal trading strategy owing to these limitations with little over 2,000 equities and 220 ETFs.
  • Investors using larger methods may need to look for alternate platforms due to the limited account types, lack of portfolio margining, and lack of options trading. Users can only open brokerage accounts in terms of accounts; retirement as well as other types of accounts are not offered.
  • More knowledgeable investors are generally unable to implement complex trading methods due to a general lack of advanced trading tools, features, and research. It could be challenging for users who want these capabilities to use eToro as their main trading platform.

Interactive Brokers

Because IBKR immediately matches all CFD orders with such a hedging order, a non-marketable CFD order generates a corresponding non-marketable command for the underlying share on the exchange, allowing clients to add quotes to the exchange book in the same manner they would trade equities. That is why it is among best cfd brokers. Added advantages include:

  • Transparency
  • minimal commissions
  • reasonable interest rates

Margins Effectiveness

Trading CFDs Alongside the Underlying Shares with Efficient CFD Reference Pricing

On all share CFDs, commissions begin at 0.05%; for aggressive traders, lower prices are possible. The benchmark overnight financing fee is +/-1.5%, with smaller spreads being made available for bigger sums.

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