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Discover the Ultimate Spa Experience at Spa Store

Discover the Ultimate Spa Experience at Spa Store

Taking time out for yourself is more than a luxury; it’s essential for staying healthy. Making an at-home spa day relaxing and enjoyable with just the right products and accessories can be done easily; here are a few ideas:

A Relaxing Atmosphere

As soon as you step through the doors of spa store, all of your senses are immediately stimulated – organic fragrance, relaxing sounds of water, natural lighting from expansive windows overlooking lush landscaping – to a personal spa concierge who assists in making appointments and guides you to lockers where robes and slippers will be provided for your visit.

Once you are ready to begin your treatment, a luxurious yet relaxing private room will be assigned in which all treatments, from facials and body treatments to massages, focus on providing total relaxation while meeting wellness goals.

Reward yourself or someone special with the gift of relaxation with a Talking Stick Resort spa gift card, available both online and at our Spa Lifestyle Store. Perfect for treatments, products and more in our Spa Lifestyle Store – they never expire!

A Cozy Robe & Fuzzy Slippers

At your spa, your guests will appreciate a cozy bathrobe when receiving face masks, pedicures or simply relaxing after a busy week at work. By including one in your collection you can quickly create that spa-like ambience!

There are various fabrics to select from when it comes to bathrobes, with terry cloth being the go-to choice at hotels and spas due to its soft yet absorbent qualities. If you want something lighter than this traditional cotton option, waffle knit robes may be more appropriate; their waffled square pattern provides extra lightness while drying quicker than its counterpart.

If you need a robe that will get plenty of use, we suggest the Natori Shangri-La Robe made from modal-jersey blend fabric. This exquisite garment won over even our best doctors thanks to its luxuriously soft fabric and long sleeve design that provides extra warmth while boasting flattering drape. Additionally, monogrammed embroidery options allow personalization – the ideal addition for frequent users!

A Mood Lighting Set

At night, mood lighting in your spa can help create a more soothing environment. Choose your ideal color choices to make the experience as relaxing as possible for yourself and guests – blue lights have been known to promote relaxation while pink ones help reduce stress levels.

At parties, hot tub decorations can add an extra fun atmosphere by matching their theme of celebration. For instance, when hosting a Halloween bash you could decorate your hot tub to look like an elaborate witch’s cauldron or toxic spill site!

One of the newest trends in spa sales is providing customers with a separate room to test out their new purchase. This allows retailers to showcase their hot tubs more discreetly while giving owners an idea of how their space will be utilized.


Aromatherapy uses essential oils extracted from different parts of plants – petals, roots, seeds and bark – to stimulate mind, body and senses. Studies have proven their efficacy at relieving stress, helping people relax more easily and even alleviating pain.

Aromatherapy is an easy and natural way to unwind after a stressful day, especially when combined with massage therapy. Breathing in aromatherapeutic oils will improve your mood while relieving muscle tension while supporting skin health.

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