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CS:GO Betting: How to Become a Better Player?

CS:GO betting can be successful with the right knowledge of the game. You should polish your gaming skills all the time. This will help you assess the gaming performance of CS:GO teams when betting.

The ability to shoot accurately and move smoothly is probably the main thing that comes to your mind when thinking about CS:GO. However, there are some more things to consider. For example, you should know and do. Let’s see how you can become a better CS:GO.

How to Succeed in Esports Betting?

Train your aim regularly

Being the first-person shooter genre, CS:GO relies on shooting as the primary element. The faster the player highlights his crosshair at the opponent, the faster he can eliminate him. Eliminating the opposing team is one of the terms for achieving victory in the game.

Aim training works well on CS:GO maps that are available online for free. Players can download a bunch of locations that provide different training modes. Sometimes these can be dots occurring in random places and quickly disappearing, which need to be hit. Generally, custom maps come up with numerous opportunities for the player to practice aim totally free of charge.

Train with esports bookmakers

The betting market is full of opportunities for bettors. Making the right choice becomes more and more complicated. So you should take a precise look at potential sportsbooks. What reputation does it have? Does it look trustworthy? What features are there? Make sure to answer these questions. This will help you pick a worthy sportsbook.

After registration, you should take some time practicing your skills. Don’t ignore CS GO match stats. Pay special attention to current events related to the game and professional teams.

Get to know CS:GO properly

CS:GO is quite a complex game, which requires thorough knowledge and skills. All elements of this FPS are very important.

  • Economics – Players who consider playing at a higher level need to know how to benefit from CS.GO financially. They should know when to play eco and when to force. These absolute basics can’t let you make an immediate profit. But they surely reveal the perspective of the whole match and further processes.
  • Maps – Knowing the available maps, you can improve a player’s performance. Familiarity with different positions in each tournament will allow you to reach a benefit over your rivals at key moments. It’s necessary to know all positions, including less and more popular ones.
  • Updates – CS:GO is a fast-changing game with regular updates. Its developers, Valve, aim to keep the game interesting and engaging no matter what. These can be new features, special codes, or something else to spice up the game. It’s in your very best interest to follow those updates.

Analyze your own and others’ demos

The game analysis matters a lot. It helps you improve your performance all the time. Without it, you might be committing the same mistakes again and again. Fortunately, many gaming platforms provide demos of the matches you participate in, so you can then watch the replay and find the mistakes. This kind of analysis is very difficult, but it’s definitely effective.

Do not forget grenades

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is much more than M4A4, AK47, AWP, or Deagle. It also has grenades which a perfect for long-distance battles. These can be smoke, flash, nade, and Molotov, each of which can change the outcome of any round. To do this, you should practice throwing them on dedicated maps or a private server using useful commands.

Have an eye on the radar

Radar is often neglected in CS:GO betting. Instead, players should use it for their own benefit. For example, they use radar to get an idea of the current situation on the whole map.

Communication is the Key to Success in Esports

You shouldn’t forget the fact that CS:GO belongs to the category of team games. In most situations, you will need to follow the surrounding events. Your performance isn’t enough for the final success. Your teammates should also demonstrate high-level proficiency. Moreover, all team members should cooperate for the sake of a better outcome. This is where the importance of communication becomes obvious. Spotting a flash or smoke can also be useful for the whole gameplay. So make sure to communicate throughout the game if you expect some high results.

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