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Call Us Today For The Best Concrete Pumping Services In Oxford

Concrete pumping is a very efficient and user-friendly way to transport concrete. It’s much faster than a wheelbarrow and is also a lot less messy!

Time is money on construction projects. Keeping a tight schedule and managing costs are of the utmost importance.

Line Pumping

Line pumping is a great way to get concrete into your site without needing a truck-mounted boom. It is ideal for smaller residential jobs and other projects that a boom truck can’t complete.

The smallest pumps can move about 5 yards per hour, while the largest can pump up to 60 yards of concrete per hour. They can be powered by gasoline, diesel or electricity, and they can handle a variety of concrete mixes.

They can also be fitted with a ball catcher to prevent sponge balls from being fired across the construction site.

This can be dangerous for construction workers.

To avoid this problem, check your concrete mix to make sure it can be pumped easily with your pump.

If you need a pump, choose the best one that meets your needs and budget. Using the right equipment will help you complete your project quickly and efficiently. It will also help you cut down on costs.

Boom Pumping

When you need to pour concrete in areas that are hard to reach, it is a good idea to use a concrete pump. A concrete pump is much easier to use than a wheelbarrow, and it can save you time and money on labor costs.

Boom pumps can be attached to a truck or a semi-trailer and are able to pump at high volumes of concrete. They also have a remote-controlled robotic arm that helps them place the concrete accurately and quickly.

A boom pump is also a great option for a construction site that has lots of obstacles to work around. This is because a boom pump can easily move the arm and pinpoint the exact location that needs concrete to be placed.

This equipment can be used on large commercial and residential projects. It can transfer up to 150 cubic yards of concrete per hour, which is more than enough for most construction jobs.


Shotcrete is a form of concrete that’s placed using a nozzle. It can be sprayed on any type of surface, including vertical or overhead areas.

A shotcrete nozzle is a device that connects to a concrete pump and an air hose. The nozzle has different sizes of nozzle tips that will allow you to control the flow of the concrete.

Typical shotcrete mixes are designed with a lower water to cement ratio than conventional concrete. This allows for more plastic material cohesion.

It is a popular choice for placing new linings in refractory plants, metallurgical and petroleum refineries, and blast furnaces. It also can be used to reline and repair piping systems.

It is a highly efficient, cost-effective method of construction. It saves 50-100% of formwork compared to traditional cast-in-place construction.

Call Us Today

The team at Call Us Today is proud to be the top notch Concrete pumping services in Oxford & related services provider serving the Oxford area. Using state-of-the art technology and equipment, we offer a full complement of bespoke solutions to suit any job site s needs. From small scale projects to larger scale erections, our dedicated staff have your back. We are also happy to answer any questions you may have along the way. So, if you are looking for the best concrete pumps in Oxford or perhaps need some advice on how to save money and time, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team members. We look forward to hearing from you soon. You can call on our team of professionals for a free quote or to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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