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Best Disposable Vapes of 2023: A Complete Guide

Disposable vapes are single-use, non-refillable devices that need to be thrown away after use. The best example of a beginner vape is a disposable vape pen because it is one of the easiest to use. But, they are now available in a variety of shapes and sizes, with extras like charging connections and movable ventilation.

Disposable vapes will be the most widely used e-vapes in 2023. Although they have been in existence for more than ten years, technology has just recently advanced. The bar for performance also increased! The following are our suggestions for the best disposables in 2023. We have a thorough guide available if you want to learn more. Continue to read!

Best e-vapes for single use

Elf Bar BC5000

The Elf Bar soon established a reputation for itself in the disposable market and rose to the top of the Fog it vape bar product rankings. A 650 mAh battery and 15 mL of 50 mg nicotine salt fluid, good for 5000 puffs, are included with the BC5000. You’re guaranteed to find your all-day vape with our constantly growing flavor selection (55 and counting)!

B5000 dragbar zovoo

With the support of VOOPOO’s expertise, the ZOVOO DRAGBAR B5000 combines reliable performance with some of the best flavors we’ve ever tasted in a disposable vape. Eleven flavors and 5% nic salt are included in the DRAGBAR. You can select the DRAGBAR size that best meets your needs by selecting the juice and battery capacity from a variety of sizes.

The 3000 Flum Float

The variety of Flum Float disposables is what makes them appealing. They were initially offered in ten flavors, but right today there are a startling 29 choices—and there will be plenty more in the future! Each disposable Float vaporizer contains 8 mL of 50 mg nicotine salt juice and a large battery enough for 3000 puffs.

Magazine Hyde

The Hyde Mag is a 4500-puff disposable vape with a 500 mAh rechargeable battery and features the popular SMOK vape design. The Mag has 5% nicotine and comes in 24 flavors. If you’re seeking for fruit tastes with ice, you’ll likely find it here because that’s what the majority of the flavors are. The fact that it charges via a Mini-USB is the only drawback.

Air Bar Box

The Air Bar Box has a 650 mAh rechargeable battery and a 5000-puff disposable. It has a comfortable grip and can contain 14 mL of e-liquid. There are currently 21 flavors available, all of which are 5% strength—although you might be able to get 2% and 3% editions if you look around. USB Type-C is used to recharge the gadget.

Lost Mary OS5000

As the Elf Bar and Lost Mary disposables are produced by the same company, you can be sure they’ll be top-notch. Similar in design to the Elf BC5000, the OS5000 features a smooth pebbly texture. There are currently 12 flavors available for each device’s 13 mL of 5% e-liquid, but based on the Elf Bar, this number will soon rise!

Best disposables without nicotine

Disposable vapes without nicotine were unusual up until recently. To meet the needs of clients who are weaning off nicotine or just want to cut back on their nicotine intake, more and more companies are now offering 0% nicotine editions of their disposable vapes. Here are our top picks for disposable vapes without nicotine.

0% BC5000 Elf Bar

There is now a nicotine-free version of the most well-liked disposable vape on the market! There are currently 10 tasty kinds available, but we predict that this number will soon rise. The BC5000 charges its 650 mAh battery through Type-C and has a vape-like draw.

Fire Float

A long-lasting, nicotine-free disposable vape with an 8 mL juice capacity and a 3000-puff rating is called the Fire Float. The mouthpiece on the Fire Float is in the conventional vaping ming style. Choose from a selection of 16 flavors (which is always expanding) to enjoy vaping without nicotine.


The FOODGOD 2400 provides a zero-nicotine option for people seeking some flavor variation. In addition to the typical fruity and cooled flavors, there are alternatives for coffee, tea, chocolate, and vapes. There is 8 mL of juice in each FOODGOD disposable, which is enough for 2400 puffs.

How should a disposable vape pen be used?

A draw-activated vape that is meant to be thrown away once the juice has been used up or the battery has died is how a disposable vape operates (if it is not rechargeable).

Simply take the product out of the box and start puffing; some models may have a button or adjustable airflow. As the battery runs out, recycle it in your neighborhood’s electronics bin.

Many types of disposable vaporizers

In 2023, disposables will come in a wide range of designs and frequently feature cutting-edge features. Even the most complex throwaway is easy to use, but a few features add extra utility.

Rechargeable versus single-use disposables

The typical disposable vape pen is arechargeable, single-use gadget. But, the advent of high-puff disposables rendered a small battery obsolete. The rechargeable disposable is now available.

A straightforward rule of thumb is that if the puff rating is high (more than 2000 puffs), the gadget most likely has a Type-C port somewhere. Make sure you have a cable on hand because most rechargeable disposables do not come with them.

Comparing tight draw and slack draw disposables

The mouth-to-lung draw of most disposables is comparable to that of a vape. The pull on many disposables is looser, and they are typically offered with a reduced nicotine concentration.

This is the traditional MTL vs. RDL debate, if you’re familiar with Vape shop terminology. If you’re unsure, check to see if we’ve tried the product you’re thinking about—we typically draw attention to the feature in our evaluations. Yet, 5% nicotine in a disposable (50 mg/mL) indicates that the device has a tight draw.

High-nicotine disposables versus TPD

Keep in mind that the TPD limits nicotine concentration to 20 mg/mL (2%), if you reside in the EU or the UK. The disposables that are offered in the EU and UK will be smaller and, in the vast majority of cases, non-rechargeable due to additional TPD limitations.

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