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Best Books To Prepare For GMAT

The first thing you should do once you’ve made up your mind to enroll in a business school is to start your GMAT test preparation. For the GMAT preparation process, there are numerous resources accessible. For assistance in preparing for the test, one can purchase GMAT preparation books and attend online GMAT forums. Knowing which book or resource is best for GMAT study can be challenging given the wide variety of books on the market. The best resources for getting high GMAT scores are discussed in this post’s discussion of different GMAT study guides and other materials. To give you an advantage over other aspirants, we have given a thorough list of the top GMAT books and resources. You can go for the best GMAT preparation books.

Manhattan Prep Complete GMAT Strategy Guide

This well-liked, albeit pricey, GMAT guide condenses information from the 10-book “Complete GMAT Strategy Guide Set” into just three volumes. Along with hundreds of practice questions covering both the Quantitative and Verbal sections, students can find a variety of test-day tactics in this resource. All of the knowledge and training materials necessary for the GMAT test are included in the set of books. The ten books in the Manhattan Prep Complete GMAT collection range go over every GMAT topic. You can improve your abilities and get good marks in all areas, from integrated reasoning to writing assessments. Access to a year’s worth of online study materials and practice exams is included with the purchase of either the individual volumes or a package containing several. Get a guide to Manhattan and start planning if you want to strengthen your logical foundations.

Gmat Official Guide

The most comprehensive guide to aid in comprehending fundamental ideas is GMAT. Over 950 problems, including ones on verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and other topics, are included in the manual. You won’t overlook any new changes because the texts are updated under the syllabus and pattern. You’ll have access to online learning resources, including the official GMAT guide as well as extra practice essay questions and video guidance, and tips from previous applicants. The most crucial guide for your best GMAT preparation course is commonly referred to as the GMAT OG. Your preparation must be built around this text. The pages of this volume must not be turned. Nearly 1000 GMAT exam problems from earlier tests are included in GMAT OG. Before the real test day, this is the closest thing to the GMAT you can get. You’ll improve your GMAT score if you have a thorough understanding of the test, thorough responses, well-organized essays, and well-organized questions. Make sure you read through this guide at least twice while preparing for the GMAT.

Kalpana Pre Plus GMAT Series

This new GMAT prep book has more than 350 practice questions created by professionals and is a useful option for students who want to learn and refine tested test-taking strategies. Six computer-adaptive GMAT practice tests can be taken online by users, who can also study in-depth answer explanations. The books, which are considered the best for the GMAT quantitative portion, only contain the material that is tested, omitting extraneous ideas and questions. Your essential fundamentals will be strengthened with the aid of the verbal and mathematical guide. This book has a strong and simple explanation of the quantitative portion. The most popular and well-reviewed guide for the GMAT is the one from Kaplan, according to all of the test-takers in the past.

GMAT For Dummies

The GMAT book is one of the best GMAT studies guides for anyone interested in learning every GMAT exam detail, as the name of the book implies. In the texts, there is a greater emphasis on the methods and advice for avoiding incorrect answers and answering the questions without losing any points. A practice sheet and flashcard collection are included. The GMAT for Dummies guide is the best choice for reviewing and beginning your practice.

Veritas Prep Complete GMAT Course Set

Veritas is a well-known brand among GMAT exam takers. Every section and topic in the book is thoroughly explained. The practice problems are challenging and give a good representation of the exam’s question types. You will have access to practice exams, more than 1000 practice questions, and a comprehensive guide to various business colleges worldwide with Veritas Prep Book. Veritas Prep GMAT Set is the best option for those seeking to improve their knowledge in each topic. Each subject is covered in depth, and the writing in the books is good. In addition, the practice problems provided in the books are challenging as well as original. This set’s lack of more practice tests than other publishers, who provide many more, is one of its disadvantages. It only includes one online, full-length practice test. Even so, Veritas provides thousands of practice questions online that can help candidates improve their scores

The Critical Reader

Famous verbal and test-prep expert Erica L. Meltzer offers her best advice and methods for handling sentence correction problems in the GMAT Verbal section in this article. Students learn to recognize various question types so they can choose the best strategies to tackle them through drills and 150 practice questions. Highly suggested is the PowerScore Critical Reasoning Bible. To help you understand critical reasoning ideas, this comprehensive guide is crammed with theory and mini-exercises. It provides clear explanations for how to solve problems and covers all the techniques you’ll need for the various kinds of Critical Reasoning questions. If you want to increase your comprehension of and score on Critical Reasoning, it is definitely worth your time.

Wrapping Up

It is entirely normal for every candidate to study at a different pace. In light of this, you don’t need to worry if your peers or coworkers have obtained their desired GMAT scores in less than three months, let alone five. A six-month study schedule for the GMAT has been created here for you to use as you get ready for the test.


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