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BBQs2u – Launching the Gozney Dome Pizza Oven

For a variety of reasons, the grill is frequently the centre of attention at summer get-togethers. Britons don’t need excuses to start their grills.

Their backyard is famous for roasting, baking, searing, and smoking. Adding a pizza oven may not seem to be exciting, but it definitely makes a huge difference. Today’s pizza ovens aren’t only used to bake pizzas, but they can cook burgers and veggies.

If you’re confused with the different brands of pizza ovens, BBQs2u can help you in making the right choice. You can step into their showroom or explore their website.

They are tied up with different brands like Napoleon, Masterbuilt, Kamado Joe, and Ooni pizza oven for more than a decade. Recently, they added a new brand to their exclusive list Gozney.

Gozney is a British brand that makes high-quality pizza ovens for both residential and commercial use. Established by Tom Gozney in 2010, the business has grown swiftly to become one of the top

producers of pizza ovens worldwide, known for their modern designs and superior quality. BBQs2u has added Gozney Roccbox Pizza Oven – Grey and Olive colour, as well as Gozney Dome Pizza Oven – Bone and Olive colour.

About Gozney Dome

Gozney Dome is a superb outdoor oven that can improve your outdoor cooking experience. This oven offers a flexible cooking experience that can help you easily make delectable dishes. It is made from high-quality components that are built for durability.



The Gozney Dome is unique in that it can keep a constant temperature because of its cutting-edge construction and superior insulation. This implies that you can cook precisely and consistently produce properly prepared meals.


The versatility of the Gozney Dome is another important quality. This oven contains everything you need to cook a wood-fired pizza, roast a full chicken, or even smoke some brisket.

Its spacious chamber can fit a variety of foods, and its versatile cooking options make it simple to try out new recipes and methods.

Benefits of Gozney Dome Pizza Ovens 

  • Sleek, high-end architecture that enhances an outdoor space.
  • An oven with a dual fuel option can be heated by gas or wood.
  • For convenience, a digital thermometer is linked to the oven.
  • Heats up to 950 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Versatility—the capacity to roast, smoke, and steam.

The Gozney Dome Pizza Ovens outside costs £1,999.00, but upon purchasing from BBQS2u you will get it at £1,799.00.

This is a great offer given by BBQs2u on their newly added brand. They are known for their exclusive offers, season sale, bundle discounts, and contests run on Kamado Joe & MasterBuilt BBQs UK.

As a passionate barbecue lover, the businessowner ensures that he introduces the best brands to their customers.

The retailer also keeps accessories associated with each brand. This makes it easy for customers to shop from one place.

Even when they added the Gozney Dome pizza ovens to their catalogue, they also included the brand’s special accessories. No wonder BBQs2u is the most trusted and leading retailer in the UK.

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