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Applications of the Electro Hydraulic System

There are many applications of the electro hydraulic system. It is widely used in aircraft, active suspension systems, mining machinery, and other industrial applications. It can be used to power more than one actuator at a time, split the motor and insulate damaged lines. Electro-hydraulic systems are also highly efficient, which makes them ideal for flight trajectory control. However, some users may have reservations about the durability and user-friendliness of this system.

The principle of electro-hydraulic technology is that hydraulic valves are opened and closed by solenoids. The hydraulic valves are electronically controlled, with the setpoints retrieved through PLCs or machine controls. The electro-hydraulic valves can be either servo or high response proportional. These servo valves use a continuous sensor and an electronic control amplifier to operate. The working fluid in the hydraulic system can be a mess, and regular maintenance is required buxic.

While electro-hydraulic valves are generally stable, they are not very effective at capturing high-frequency information. As a reference signal, many researchers use the step response of the valve spool. In his research, Sharifi extracted the step amplitude, peak generation time, and oscillation time from the pressure step curve generated by the valve spool. The features obtained were then analyzed in a neural network to detect a leakage fault.

The use of data-based fault diagnosis is an effective and efficient technique for assessing the performance of an electro-hydraulic system. Using data-based methods involves mining hidden information from the data and applying a numerical threshold to monitor the operation state. However, these methods have disadvantages, including high acquisition cost, incompleteness, and limited practical applications. A number of applications have been developed for electro-hydraulic systems lobiastore.com.

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